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How long does the technical inspection last and what is required
The technical inspection of passenger vehicles lasts 35 minutes, and the technical inspection of motorcycles lasts 20 minutes.
Documents required for technical inspection: driving license and identity card.
If a technical inspection of newly manufactured vehicles that are registered for the first time is performed, the party provides a certificate of conformity.
For modified and individually produced vehicles for which no certificate of conformity has been issued, as well as for completed vehicles and vehicles that are put into traffic for the first time in the Republic of Serbia, the party submits a certificate (certificate) that the vehicle meets the prescribed conditions (hereinafter: examination certificate).
For vehicles equipped with an alternative fuel drive, the party must present a certificate of periodic inspection of these devices or a certificate of compliance.
Types of technical inspection
There are three types of technical reviews:
- regular technical inspection
– extraordinary technical inspection
- control technical inspection
Regular technical inspection is performed for one year. Drivers who own a new vehicle perform a regular technical inspection in two years. The regular annual technical inspection of the vehicle is performed up to 30 days before submitting the application for registration. Obligatory technical inspection of the vehicle is carried out in specialized services that are licensed to perform this work.
An extraordinary technical inspection is performed after the repair and before putting into traffic vehicles that have been in a traffic accident or damaged in some other way, as well as vehicles that have been excluded from traffic due to technical malfunctions.
The control technical inspection of the vehicle is performed on the basis of a written order from the competent authority, which is an integral part of the record of the performed technical inspection of the vehicle.
Who is exempt from technical inspection?
As of November 13, 2018, vehicles manufactured in 2018 and 2019 (but not imported vehicles) according to the new law, DO NOT have to undergo a technical inspection for two years from the date of first registration. This means that vehicles manufactured in 2018. the first technical inspection is done in 2020, and the vehicles manufactured in 2019 only in 2021.
Check the light groups (bulbs, headlights, turn signals...)
Headlights and fog lights Blinkers must emit yellow light Stop lights License plate light bulb Lights or blinkers on the rearview mirror Reverse light Catadiopters must not be broken (cat's eyes - if they exist on the rear bumper of the vehicle) The light group is considered correct for technical inspection if there is no damage on them and all elements are working.
Wiper, sprinkler and belt check
s Check the seat belt of the driver and passenger Front wipers Front sprinklers Top up the windshield washer fluid Wipers must be present on the front and rear (if factory installed) windshields and must be in working order.
Window lifters and locks
Check whether it is possible to open the hood and trunk Check door opening and central locking (if applicable) Check the window regulators All lifters and locks must be in working order.
Vehicle windows
Check all windows on the vehicle (minor damage is tolerated) Check the mirrors The glasses must not be cracked. Tinted is allowed if you have a certificate for it. For passenger vehicles, it is sufficient that only the left rear-view mirror is intact, for trucks, both exterior rear-view mirrors must be undamaged.
The tires on the front axle must be of the same size The tires on the rear axle must be of the same size Tires must be undamaged and must meet the tread depth depending on the season - for summer tires the minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm, and for winter tires 4 mm.
Checking the equipment in the vehicle and the hitch
If there is a hook for connecting a trailer, it must have the appropriate certificate and must be mounted on the vehicle The hook should be dismantled from the vehicle and all dismantled elements should be placed in the trunk
Spare tire A triangle Towing rope or bar First Aid Kit (Expiry Date) According to the Traffic Safety Act, all this equipment must be in the vehicle.
What to bring from documentation (paperwork for technical inspection)?
Driving license, identity card, valid insurance policy Certificate - refers to vehicles for which test certificates were issued before February 12, 2013. years Means of payment (money, card...) Retest - vehicles powered by gas or other types of fuel for which a certificate is required (refers to vehicles for which the certificate was issued after February 12, 2013) Note: The vehicle must be clean. Wash the vehicle.